05 levels of entrepreneurship to help mass listing accidental NecessityHow to solve the problem that

this release of water, so that the domestic Internet Co really excited, and leading this wave of listed 58 city and where to go after the performance of IPO is also gratifying, the first day will be opened higher. It is worth mentioning that, the two companies and car family has the same background, were born in 2005, belong to the 2005 level of entrepreneurial help, after eight years of resistance, began to embrace the harvest. In the "entrepreneur" magazine in 11, we made a sketch of this group, attracted a lot of hot.

3, additional statistical tools should not be used more

factors affecting sh419 ranking is diverse, but sh419 has always insisted on the experience of the first purpose is to users, sh419’s website is based on the algorithm for many user experience and experience, good website ranking will be in front. The user experience has a variety of factors for a website, and the first step into a web site is its speed of opening experience. I believe we have such experience, when you open a web page when the waiting time exceeds three seconds, we will be impatient closed, select the next link to the site, so in the pursuit of speed of the Internet era, most of the users are the heart of this state can scarcely wait, then how should we improve the opening speed web page? The author will own website optimization more actual share one or two.

4, use good nets >

Two years after

website can help us better understand their own website, but do not put too much statistical tools, all software has bugs, if one of the statistical tools of bug, it will hurt their own website isn’t open, or is always positive in the loaded state, before I met this problem, only after consult professionals see light suddenly, the removal of redundant tools such problems can be solved.

2, change the quality of space usage

page picture too much, too much is the key to influence the speed of the site of the US, in order to allow the user to intuitively understand our products, will put some high-definition pictures to attract the attention of customers, but this will undoubtedly affect the opening speed of the web page, the client in impatient after it shut down the page, no we are the chance, how can a single. A picture of the size without affecting the clarity of the best control within 50K, picture the number of not more than 20 pieces, the author introduce a very practical image batch processing software Jpeg Resizer, this small software will picture the maximum compression and will not affect the clarity of the picture, there are many similar the software can be downloaded free online.

last night, the car home landing NYSE, then ushered in a good start. The opening price was $30.16, up 77.4% from the $17 issue price, and the company’s market capitalization was $3 billion 170 million. As of September 30th, car home 12 months before the $172 million in revenue, net profit of $61 million 760 thousand.

in the ensuing ten days, we continue to dig deeper, trying to find out what these companies can do together. After all, in dozens of Internet Co is scanned out, not only to achieve the earlier listed Qihoo 360, companies such as YY, Skye, renren, potatoes and other

before I use the single space space is affordable, open speed unbearable, spider crawling can also be a problem, even no way for the user to browse the web, such poor spatial stability, are often not open the page, so I chose the multi line space double space is the site is now open, can enhance the speed of N times, no longer have the endless waiting. Although the spatial price disparity, but it is more important than and retain users, you weigh yourself.



1, compression processing for large images

‘s silence, shares seemed to have recovered. Following the 58 city and go after the listing in the United States, the most popular players 3G portal parent jiubang digital and 500 lottery network is this period of time in the overseas listing. It is said that there are several are to prepare for a listing of materials make no reply.

Traffic statistics tool

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