Public security traffic control department to carry out dangerous chemicals Road transport safety in

Recently, the province at all levels of public security departments to carry out safety inspection of road transport of dangerous chemicals within the province, by strengthening the supervision of the source of hazardous goods transport vehicles and other five key vehicles, strengthen the pavement control of road transportation of hazardous chemicals, transportation of hazardous chemicals to vigorously investigate serious illegal acts, held a number of illegal activities. Goods transport enterprise and its responsible person, to prevent road transportation accidents of dangerous chemicals.

check to the vehicle passenger cars, trucks, dangerous goods transport vehicles, buses and vans rural five key, relying on the highway traffic police station and vehicle inspection control system, thorough investigation of liquid dangerous goods tank fails to install emergency shut-off device, is not permitted to transport vehicles transporting dangerous goods, does not have the qualifications the personnel illegal driving and escort hazardous goods transport vehicles, illegal modification of vehicles disguised hazardous chemicals and hazardous goods transport vehicles speeding, Lane driving, fatigue driving, illegal parking and other illegal activities.

the Provincial Traffic Police Corps special requirements of local public security departments, to further strengthen the supervision of dangerous goods transportation vehicles and other five key source of vehicle. City, state DMV today to focus on five categories of vehicle registration inspection area to carry out a investigation and clean-up, will overdue vehicle inspection information transmitting area of the traffic police brigade, to take coercive measures outage. Hazardous chemicals transportation enterprises, key passenger transport enterprises to carry out a key inspection, the existence of security risks recommended safety supervision, transportation and other departments ordered to suspend business for rectification, and resolutely eliminate the security risks in the bud.   read more

Xining housing provident fund management center to provide loans for the integration of funds

at present, one of the pilot projects supported by the Xining housing provident fund loans, Xining three housing projects have been implemented. Xining as a provident fund loans to support the construction of affordable housing pilot cities, Xining housing fund management center actively integrate funds to provide loans for the project.

to broaden the affordable housing construction funds, to support the role of housing provident fund for affordable housing construction, to solve the basic housing problem of low-income families including urban workers paid, promote the realization of the goal of home, with the approval of the State Council, housing and urban construction department, the Ministry of finance, development and Reform Commission, people’s Bank, the Ministry of supervision, the Audit Commission, the CBRC at the end of last year, jointly issued "on the use of housing provident fund loans to support the implementation of the views of the construction of affordable housing pilot work". In 28 cities nationwide use of housing provident fund loans to support the construction of affordable housing pilot work, Xining was listed as one of the pilot cities. read more

The municipal Party committee to promote the construction of strengthening branch chuangxianzhengyou

On the occasion of the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China Municipal Party branch of the Communist Youth League work, carried out a series of colorful activities

ushered in the 90 anniversary of the founding of the party, the Party branch of the municipal Party committee combined with the actual work of the Communist Youth League, launched a series of colorful activities.

to carry out the exchange activities. from the national higher school for the Communist Youth League cadres into the county League attachment, is to further promote the group of grassroots organizations and grass-roots work an important measure to further strengthen communication and exchanges between colleges and universities cadres in our city and sending cadres, summed up the first half of the year to sending work, municipal Party committee office party branch organization to carry out the work cadres of recreational activities. In the activity, all colleges and universities selected by sending cadres summed up for half a year in the grassroots League to carry out research, promotion of work experience, strengthen grassroots League building, promoting youth employment and entrepreneurship work, talk about the what one sees and hears during the attachment and that continue to grassroots initiative, in the future work will be devoted to the work., to hone their talents to achieve the growth of read more

Qinghai commodity Chengdu Market enterprises to participate in our warehouse

since 2010, organized by the Commerce Department of Qinghai commodity collection activities, this is the first time in Chengdu province enterprises to go to the market, is also the first time in the outdoor exhibition. In order to ensure the safety of nearly a hundred exhibitors of goods, the Provincial Department of Commerce has not only hired a local security company, the Organizing Committee of more than a dozen members also assume the booth and warehouse guards and inspections.

on the evening of October 4th, Chengdu suddenly began to rain. In the rain, the staff of the Provincial Department of Commerce Zhang Fan and colleagues together in the temporary warehouse. Starting from 10 o’clock in the evening, they always stick to the second day morning 10 points, only two other colleagues to shift. read more

Xining fifteen meeting of the two sessions of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress of the four mee

on the morning of January 15th, the fourth session of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress held its fifteenth meeting at the Qinghai Convention center. Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo only 67 minutes to finish the government work report, the content of pragmatic, bright spots.

highlight the construction of the project, investment significantly, optimize the industrial structure, accelerate the transformation of development mode…… For the work and achievements in 2012, Wang Yubo did not say much, but will focus on the main work of this year. This year, Xining will achieve new breakthroughs in seven areas. read more

The first secretary Chen Haolai to seek the views of the province to carry out service activities fo

from August 20th to 23, the National Union party secretary, vice chairman, first secretary Moses Chan for a 6 people, in-depth Qinghai grass-roots trade unions, enterprises in the park for the existing problems in the "four winds" of the organs of the opinions and suggestions, to carry out service activities for employees.

August 20th, working group and Qinghai, city (state), county (District), township (street) trade union cadres to discuss. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Wang Xiao, Provincial Standing Committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Su Ning attended the forum, and in-depth exchange of views with the working group. read more

The Beichuan River flood of 50 years

recently, comprehensive treatment project in Datong County of Beichuan River, black forest, river channel flood control Qiaoergou three a total investment of one hundred million yuan construction is like a raging fire, after the completion of the project will greatly improve the flood control capacity, improve the ecological environment of three rivers, to better promote the production and living conditions of local people.

Beichuan River turned Boulevard

Beichuan River flood control project is the largest investment in the world bank loan flood control projects, started construction in August 2011, with a total investment of 92 million 310 thousand yuan. Plan management of Beichuan river length of 12.42 km, the construction of flood control embankment length of 20.32 km, protection grade III, according to the flood control standard of 50 years of fortification, levee level level 2, design flood flow of 358 cubic meters / sec, the entire project is divided into 2 construction units, 17 Engineering division, as of now, the unit has been completed project quality assessment 1175, a pass rate of 100%. The implementation of the project will reach the flood control standard from the current less than 10 years increased to 50 years, completely change the status quo of the weakness of the Beichuan River flood control infrastructure, but also can be combined with the Beichuan River "Binhe" project, the implementation of Green River and the river on both sides of road engineering, greatly improve the environment in the Beichuan river basin ecological environment and along the village, to promote the development of the tourism industry, to create a harmonious, ecological and livable "new Datong has a very important significance. read more

Xining food and drug supervision and management conference held in 2009

February 20, 2009, the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration held a meeting of the city’s food and drug supervision and management. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Xue Guangzhou, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Gao Yumei, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhang Ying, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government of Zhu Xinmin, the provincial food and Drug Administration Marketing Director Zhang Rongji, Municipal Bureau of health supervision department director Zhao Shenghu and other leaders were invited to attend the meeting. City Food and drug regulatory system, all staff and four District Social Development Bureau, as well as the Xining area of drugs, medical equipment business, medical institutions responsible for more than 300 people attended the meeting. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Xue Guangzhou made an important speech at the meeting. read more

Unswervingly practice the new ideas of scientific development

Xining Municipal People’s Government mayor Wang Yubo

Since the party’s eighteen years, general secretary Xi Jinping delivered a series of important speeches on the promotion of scientific development, and put forward a lot of new ideas, new ideas, new ideas and new requirements of the

. These new ideas are rich, deepening and development of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, both in theory and in practice have a clear targeted, guidance and innovation. Conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on the new ideas of scientific development, we need to adhere to the principles of economic construction unswervingly to focus their work on accelerating the transformation of economic development mode, adjust and optimize the economic structure, the implementation of innovation strategy, to promote the development of a foothold to improve quality and efficiency, promote the sustained the healthy development of economy and society. read more

The second section of the family culture and art festival in the north of the city

to further promote the socialist advanced culture, promoting family virtues and family cultural construction, advocate scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle, the majority of families in our region rich in active cultural life, organize and mobilize the masses of women and families to participate in the "creative city" and the "year" work, from 5 to October by the District Women’s Federation, district a city district office, how do three joint in the region to carry out the "second family culture and Art Festival" series of activities. The aim of this activity is organized by the family culture and art exhibition activities rich and colorful, active women’s family and cultural life, promote and create a harmonious civilization, to family life and family cultural atmosphere, improve the quality of civilization and family happiness index, edify sentiment, increase the taste, to promote social harmony in the family harmony.
games live from the Chaoyang Street area of the village, the community more than 40 families to participate in the sports fitness activities of the tug of war, shooting, skipping and other forms of pinball, the event was intense, the cheers. read more