Orchard trying to forest chicken breeding success to win wealth

now, scientific breeding in order to maximize the harvest of wealth, to win a bright tomorrow. Recently, business consultancy found that seen in the industrial district of Jiading Li Jiang orchard, a plump chicken walk leisurely pecking worms in the fruit below, chicken occasionally cooed, a pleasant pastoral scenery.  

2006, listed 150 tons, 190 tons of peach pear, the annual output value of 2 million 40 thousand yuan; 80 thousand chicken feather, pigeon feather 50 thousand, grass egg 40 thousand kilograms, the annual output value of 3 million 240 thousand yuan. In this way, the orchard area of 255 acres of orchard Lek River 2006 total output value of up to $5 million 280 thousand, the average output value of $20700 acres. At the same time, the economic benefit is good, and the orchard has got good ecological benefit. Some insects, fruit and leaf and fruit

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Hinder the four major obstacles to migrant workers

a lot of migrant workers tired of wandering life, want to return to their hometown, start to get rich, but we can learn from the objective analysis, migrant workers want to return home to start a certain obstacle.

A is the government paid insufficient attention, lack of entrepreneurship policy support. In the middle part of the mountainous area, it is very important to introduce foreign investment and give policy support. But for returning entrepreneurs, the policy is still not perfect, and even some places have not encouraged migrant workers to return home to start the preferential policies, enjoy the same treatment with the introduction of foreign capital. Even if some places have introduced preferential policies, but many policies are not specific, practical and effective, the lack of policy attractiveness. read more

The retail business households note what

every year are shop sales soared in time, however, it is also rampant criminals of the time, therefore, as the owner, natural and more attention need to put more attention. Nearly a year, our retail business households is in a busy state, while ignoring many of its prevention. In order to prevent emergency situations such as emergencies, we should do a good job in advance to deal with the potential crisis. There are problems we should pay attention to our retail households, the following to see how these retail households, they are how to do a good job of security precautions. read more

Scooby brand security wealth

Scooby children’s wear brand chain has been gradually falling in the national market, to provide quality services for consumers, if you want to do a security investment business, the selection of children’s clothing items to be sure. Join headquarters to provide support policies in place, I hope to help you.

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Want to know the reason for your failure

a lot of people want to start a business, many people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, there are a lot of people are suffering from the results of entrepreneurial failure. Business for many years, has done several different projects, but are not really successful, often reflect on their own, why so hard, also have some success, why is not successful? A profound summary down, there is no successful factors of nothing more than that:

1) there is no clear goals.

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n Hefei to open a hot shop to pay attention to three points

As a veteran

Malatang catering project in the catering market has been occupying an important proportion, now for investors Malatang catering to join the project in the industry which is a very good investment, now, more and more friends of entrepreneurship, chose to open a mala shop is good? In the operation of the time should pay attention to what? Next, please follow the small series together to look at the following business notes!

1, have a good recipe for

2, can endure hardship.

3, to be careful.

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