The Power To Do More – At Your Fingertips

first_imgWe’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words … so a video is worth a thousand pictures!  What if you could watch a “how-to video” when you needed help with a server, instantaneously, no matter where you were located?Now, with Dell’s industry-first Quick Resource Locator (QRL) application, you can. The QRL will revolutionize the way you use digital resources to learn about physical hardware. You just use your smartphone to scan a Quick Response (QR) code that we are including on the top of every 12th Generation PowerEdge server (see picture) and get direct access to all sorts of critical service information:Step-by-step videos, including overviews of system internals and externals, as well as detailed, concise, task-oriented videosReference materials, including searchable owner’s manual content, LCD diagnostics, and an electrical overviewYour service tag, so you can quickly gain access to your specific hardware configuration and warranty informationA direct link to Dell, to quickly get in touch with technical support and sales teamsOur Experience Design Group has developed the QRL to empower IT professionals with the information they need when they need it, making them more effective at managing their data center hardware, and giving them the power to do more!  IT professionals are expected to be experts in all areas of servicing these products and are often challenged with business-critical servicing situations. With that in mind, we have created a menu that is mapped onto the actual layout of the server, making it instinctively easy to navigate and view the most relevant videos (see image).There is an enormous amount of information available about these products on specific support websites and other sources, but it can be challenging to find the specific information needed under the pressure of a critical hardware failure. But with QRL, even while standing in the datacenter at the box, they can just scan the QR code and the information is immediately (and literally) at their fingertips! No longer will IT professionals have to search the internet for relevant information about hardware issues, or carry around an owner’s manual.All the QRL videos are all shot specifically for this application and precisely to meet the needs of an IT professional who is in the data center servicing a specific Dell product. And the full product owner’s manual has been translated into mobile format to allow simple drill down navigation, including the ability to open relevant figures in full screen mode. The manual content is also searchable to allow quick discovery of component detailsThe QRL is a learning tool too. It gives customers access to information about the full PowerEdge portfolio and our sales team will be able to use this application as an convenient tool to educate them. At the same time, just using this tool is a demonstration of our competitive advantage in usability and product design.This is just the first step. We are committed to continually improving our customer’s at-the-box experience through mobile content.  To see the QRL in action, check out the video:&nbsp;</p><p>last_img read more

Hitting the Accelerator with GPUs

first_imgAs organizations work to meet the performance demands of new data-intensive workloads, accelerated computing is gaining momentum in mainstream data centers.As data center operators struggle to stay ahead of a growing deluge of data while supporting new data-intensive applications, there’s a growing demand for systems that incorporate graphics processing units (GPUs). These accelerators, which complement the capabilities of CPUs at the heart of the system, use parallel processing to churn through large volumes of data at blazingly fast speeds.For years, organizations have used accelerators to rev up graphically intensive applications, such as those for visualization, modeling and simulation. But today, the use cases for accelerators are growing far beyond the typical acceleration targets to more mainstream applications. In particular, accelerators can now be one of the keys to speeding up artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning applications, including both training and inferencing workloads, along with applications for predictive analytics, real-time analysis of data streaming in from the Internet of Things (IoT), and more. In fact, NVIDIA® GPUs can accelerate ~600 applications.So what’s the big advantage of an accelerator? Here’s a quick look at how GPUs rev up performance by working with the CPU to take a divide-and-conquer approach to get results faster: A GPU typically has thousands of cores designed for efficient execution of mathematical functions. Portions of a workload are offloaded from the CPU to the GPU, while the remainder of the code runs on the CPU, improving overall application performance.Accelerated servers from Dell EMCIf you’re just getting started with AI, machine or deep learning, or if you just want a screaming fast 2-CPU Tower server, check out the PowerEdge T640. You can put up to 4 GPUs inside this powerhouse, and it fits right under your desk! It has plenty of internal storage capacity with up to 32x 2.5” hard drives, and you can connect all your tech with those 8 PCIe slots. (I’m thinking that something like this could improve team online gaming performance.)Beyond my personal wish-list, the PowerEdge T640 is rackable, and you can virtualize and share those GPUs with VMware vSphere, or with Bitfusion software to provide boosted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), artificial intelligence and/or other testing and development workspaces.For those serious about databases and data analytics, check out the PowerEdge R940xa. The PowerEdge R940xa server combines 4 CPUs with 4 GPUs for a 1:1 ration to drive database acceleration. With up to 6TB of memory, this server is a beast that can grow with your data.If you’re not sure what to pick, you can’t go wrong with the popular PowerEdge R740 (Intel) or PowerEdge R7425 (AMD) with 2 CPUs and up to 3 heavy-weight NVIDIA® V100 GPUs or 6 lightweight NVIDIA® T4 GPUs. In the PowerEdge R7425, you can make great use of all those x16 lanes. Why look at lanes? The vast majority of GPUs plug into a PCIe slot inside a server. PCIe communication/information is carried over the lanes in packets. More lanes means more data packets can travel at the same time, and the result can be faster.Dive into the good-better-best options by workload in this new Dell EMC and NVIDIA ebook.In addition to PowerEdge servers, Dell EMC has a growing portfolio of accelerated solutions. At a glance, Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC and AI make it faster and simpler for your organization to adopt high-performance computing. They offer a choice of flexible and scalable high performance computing solutions, with servers, networking, storage, solutions and services optimized together for use cases in a variety of industries.The big point here is that your organization now has ready access to the accelerated-optimized and pre-integrated solutions you need to power your most data-intensive and performance-hungry workloads. So let’s get started!To learn moreTo find the accelerator-optimized systems that are right for your organization, check out these resources:A new eBook from Dell EMC and NVIDIA — “Turbocharge Your Applications” — explores use cases for different GPU-optimized workloads and provides recommendations for specific Dell EMC PowerEdge servers for task at hand, in a “good, better, best” format.Visit and for more detail. Join the conversation on Twitter @DellEMCServers.last_img read more

Disney updates Jungle Cruise after insensitivity criticism

first_imgORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Jungle Cruise is one of the original Disney parks’ rides and it’s getting a 21st century remodel. That comes following criticism of the ride for its depiction of animatronic indigenous people as savages or headhunters. It’s the latest update to a legacy theme park ride that has been criticized in years past as being racist. Disney said in a blog post Monday that the ride will be updated by Disney “imagineers” at the Disneyland park in California and the Magic Kingdom park in Florida with a new storyline. It said the changes will “reflect and value the diversity of the world.”last_img read more

Woman who tried to fake death gets extra year in prison

first_imgCHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A West Virginia woman who tried to fake her death in order to avoid a sentencing hearing for health care fraud has received an additional year in federal prison. Julie Wheeler of Beaver was sentenced Wednesday for conspiring to obstruct justice. Prosecutors say Wheeler admitted to conspiring with her husband. Rodney Wheeler told authorities she fell from a New River Gorge overlook. She was found two days later in a closet at her home. She was later sentenced to 42 months in prison for health care fraud. A judge Wednesday ordered her two sentences to be served consecutively.last_img read more