Minor MacBook Pro update coming soon

first_imgIf you’re looking to buy a new MacBook Pro, you might want to wait just a little while, as some new models should be showing up soon. Apparently the supply of Apple’s MacBook Pro line is limited at the moment. The new models, which are already showing up in Apple’s system, are looking to be a minor refresh — far from the major update some were anticipating.The report has the Pro’s line staying as is, offering two 13-inch models (one lower-end, one higher-end), two similar 15-inch variations, and one 17-inch model. The biggest changes are said to be a slightly faster processor, and an upgrade to the same Bluetooth 4.0 that the newest MacBook Airs and the iPhone 4S are toting. If anyone follows those kinds of things, the internal code names for the new models are K90IA for the 13-inch, K91A for the 15-inch, and K92A as the 17-inch.Earlier this summer, there were rumors that the next MacBook Pro refresh would be a major update, bringing a thinner (MacBook Air-like) form factor, and dropping optical drives in favor of SSD storage. The only problem with that scenario is that the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines would essentially be merged. Apple isn’t likely to do that a few months after introducing the biggest update to Air line since its launch.That isn’t to say that the MacBook Pro line won’t eventually be going in that direction — it certainly will lose optical drives and get thinner at some point. Another possibility is that the form factor will soon go on a diet, but without getting thinned down to MBA dimensions. That way, the two lines could co-exist, but with the Pro line’s appearance still evolving.The current unibody of the MacBook Pro has now been around for nearly three years. First showing up in the late 2008 models, only the internals (most prominently, new Intel processors) have changed. With the upcoming update again only changing the guts of the laptop, an early 2012 release would then be the earliest for a complete refresh (should Apple’s MacBook release cycles go unchanged).via 9to5maclast_img read more