‘Even though we train so much’

first_imgBinyamin Even talks to OUBC President Robin Bourne-Taylor in about life as a Blues rower in Oxford Robin Bourne-Taylor represents you. As President of Oxford University Boat Club (OUBC), far more people see him as an image of an Oxford student than any current member of the student body. Literally millions watched him lead Oxford to victory in the Boat Race; millions more saw him in national newspapers, on the radio, on billboards or in ITV adverts, and he therefore inadvertently symbolises the life of an Oxford student.This appears fairly bizarre. Bourne-Taylor is a quadruple Blue and an Olympian. There is not an area of his life that isn’t affected by the sport and yet the majority of students have little to do with rowing. I decided to travel back to Oxford during the Easter vac to find out: does Robin Bourne- Taylor have anything in common with the students he so publicly represents?[quoteimg]“We don’t train that much; maximum actual training is four hours a day. But if we have to travel there’s plenty of days of nine hours.”[/quoteimg] I start by asking Bourne-Taylor just how much of his life rowing really takes up. “Training starts on 1 September, but a lot of the guys will be training permanently. I came straight back from the Olympics, and a lot of people were rowing internationally in the summer. It’s a long commitment to the Boat Race, but it means we hit the ground running.” In terms of dayto- day workload, “We don’t train that much: maximum is four hours actual training a day, but we can waste a lot of time if we have to travel to London or something like that. There’s plenty of days where we spend seven, eight, nine hours.” So far, then, no luck – discovering ITV’s claim that rowers train six months for the Boat Race was actually an underestimate only made Bourne-Taylor seem even more irreconcilable with the “normal” students I’ve met.As we move to the topic of motivation, however, he becomes more human. For Bourne-Taylor is the ultimate team player, playing for the jersey: “Obviously the Boat Race is an amazing event, with so much history – there’s nothing else like it in the rowing world. But for someone like me, who’s been here a long time, it becomes more than that. You want to do it for your club, and for the passion you have for your club.” It’s not as catchy as “Up the Nose!” or “For the Pelican!” but the message is the same. He speaks with passion about his team mates, saying, “This year at Oxford there was a really great bunch of guys. The personalities were fantastic, and that’s one of the most important things I’d take out of it.” And he leaves no doubt about the importance of those closest to him. “A big part of my success, and of the success of guys on the team, is that support from your friends. It’s those little things that help out – if it’s people getting lecture notes, or helping you catch up if you missed something, or girlfriends cooking you dinner.”Picking up on Bourne-Taylor’s mention of lecture notes, I find it is no token academic reference. “People come to Oxford because it’s one of the finest academic institutions in the world. You can’t get in because of rowing – there’s no one here who’s in this university because of their talent at rowing. They’re here because they’re of a sufficiently high academic standard. If they set their ambitions on something like the Boat Race, I think that’s great. It’s good for the University, and it’s good for them.” He applauds his team mates for completing Blue Boat training on top of their academic workload, “It’s a real credit to the guys who do it, because it’s so much of a commitment of effort and time.” He mentions Jason Flickinger, 7 man in the Blue Boat. “He’s doing the MBA programme, one of the most intensive courses in Oxford, and he’s going on barely any sleep.” Despite this, the giant American “won the [BUSA] ergo champs, on about three hours sleep”.So, Blues rowers do study. But doesn’t the combination of an Oxford academic workload and a Blue Boat training regime leave him socially detached from anyone outside the tiny rowing bubble? Bourne-Taylor recognises this as a downside. “It’s difficult, because you do get isolated from college life. You don’t know as many people, because you don’t have the time.” Nevertheless, “Even though we have to spend so much time training, we still feel part of the student body of the university.”Rowing also presents its own social opportunities: “What you do gain is a really tight group of about twenty friends who are likeminded, all on the same goals, and you go through the same things together. You build some really strong friendships.”When he can, Bourne-Taylor gets involved in college and university life. He’s a member of his College’s drinking society, The Cardinals, and as a student who will join Sandhurst after graduation, he has a long commitment to the Oxford University Officer Training Corps: “I go down there whenever I can,” he says. He speaks particularly warmly of the OTC Colonel who helped set up a team building day for the Blues at the local barracks.Bourne-Taylor has also rowed for his College in Summer Eights on a number of occasions. He dismissed any doubts that such a successful oarsman would not commit himself to the less glamorous world of college rowing when he stroked Christ Church to First Division Blades in his first year. In fact, he has warm praise for college rowing. “College rowing is really good in Oxford. It’s a haven for really keen rowers, and there are not many places you get that enthusiasm so focused on one thing. College rowing’s brilliant for the sport, and events like Summer Eights and Torpids are really good spectacles and a good thing for people to get involved in.” This year, Summer Eights clashes with a Rowing World Cup event, but he’s sure “any members of the team who can will do it, because it’s a great way to take part in your college and show support for them”. He particularly encourages talented college rowers to think about joining the Blue Squad. “College rowers out there with aspirations should really put themselves forward and not be afraid to have a go. If you get in early, you may not be very experienced, but if you do a year’s worth of training you’ll improve phenomenally, and next year you might make the spot in Isis and if you keep going you might get a spot in the Blue Boat. It’s about how much you’re willing to give and how much you’re willing to learn.”As my meeting with Bourne-Taylor drew to a close, it remained clear that he was a very unusual student. The sacrifices he makes for rowing, particularly with respect to his social life, demonstrate he prioritises his sport in a way very few others do. But I felt much more comfortable with the fact that, for millions of people, he portrayed a group of which I was part. Fundamentally, Bourne-Taylor is no different to many Oxford students who devote time and energy to an activity outside of their degree. In this respect he represents Oxford students who strive for excellence in all that they do and perhaps he is not as far removed from the reality of student life as some would believe.ARCHIVE: 0th week TT 2005last_img read more

Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks EGOT Dreams, Mary Poppins & More

first_img Hamilton mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda is back in the States! The recent Oscar nominee stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on February 13 to discuss the possibility of EGOT-ing at the Oscars on February 26, what it’s been like filming Mary Poppins Returns with Emily Blunt and his parents’ (ahem) special relationship to Gloria Gaynor’s disco hit “I Will Survive.” Let’s just say we feel a lot closer to the Miranda clan now—perhaps a little too close. All the same, it’s good to have Miranda and his shenanigans stateside, even for a quick interview. Take a look at the hilarious clip below! Lin-Manuel Miranda View Commentslast_img read more

Leadership Matters: Bringing strategy closer to your employees

first_imgHave you seen the Konica Minolta commercial, “The Royal Boss (2012)”? In scene one, a male professional reads a royal CEO proclamation (from a scroll for effect) to a female professional to recognize the CEO’s approval of her efforts and achievements to help the company succeed. In scene two, the CEO is carried by other professionals on two poles holding an executive chair while the CEO gives a distant gesture of thanks. And, in scene three, the elevated CEO is transported head-on into the ceiling “EXIT” sign.We laugh and replay the video before forwarding to our C-level buddies. Yet, in an offbeat way, we speculate if the distance between us and our managers and professionals might be comparable.As CEO, you want your credit union’s blueprint for success to be grasped, acknowledged, and implemented by all. It’s called many things – engaged, entrenched, buy-in – and all lead to one result: CEOs want their employees to own their role in credit union success.Yet, kick-off meetings, logowear for all, and a catchy acrostic often fall short. What works best when creating ways to engage employees in your strategic plan? continue reading » 7SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

New chief executive at Austria’s Valida to focus on Vorsorgekassen

first_imgHe also stressed that the company “would be ready” should demand increase in the Austrian occupational pensions market.For the Vorsorgekasse, Eberhartinger said he wanted to invest in a sales strategy, as this was a market “guaranteed to grow”.In Austria, each employer must pay part of an employee’s salaries into a Vorsorgekasse, or provident fund, to provide for a future severance payment upon leaving the company.Eberhartinger was appointed to Valida’s board of directors last year to assist with a revamp of its administration.Last week, it was announced that former chief executive Andreas Zakostelsky would focus on his political role as an MP and his position as head of the Pensionskassen association FVPK.New chief executive Eberhartinger is to focus on the Pensionskassen and consultancy side of the business.He will share the board with Albert Gaubitzer, who will focus mostly on the Vorsorgekassen business and IT.Eberhartinger told IPE his new job was a “completely new role”.“So far, I have always built pension fund businesses from scratch, but now I have to streamline an existing pension fund business,” he said.Eberhartinger said a wide-ranging “streamlining” process, taking “at least 3-5 years to complete”, would cover the actuarial accounting of individual pension portfolios of a company.Currently, this is handled by four different people, depending on how a client comes to Valida – via a direct sale, for example, or as a former consultancy client that transfers its pension fund.The new strategy will require new client-relationship management, Eberhartinger said, to ensure a “single face to the customer” policy.The new chief executive confirmed that, over the long term, his aim was to integrate Valida’s two Pensionskassen – one being the former Siemens Pensionskasse now known as Valida Industrie – into a single entity.He also wants to exploit more “synergies” with Valida shareholder Raiffeisen, “where it is reasonable and cheaper”, which will also mean representatives will hold seats on the supervisory board of Valida subsidiaries.The chairs on the supervisory boards of the Valida subsidiares vacated by Zakostelsky will, however, be filled by Eberhartinger and Gaubitzer themselves, respectively.Click here to read more about the scramble for Vorsorgekassen clients Direct sales activities will be scaled back for Valida Vorsorge Management’s Pensionskassen business as part of a re-structuring, according to Stefan Eberhartinger, the group’s new chief executive.  Valida Vorsorge Management is the holding comprising the Valida Pensionskasse, the Valida Vorsorgekasse and a consultancy.Speaking with IPE, Eberhartinger said: “The market is currently too small, and active sales produce too little margins.”He confirmed that Valida would continue to take part in tenders, however, and serve clients who come to the group.last_img read more

Tax Expert: You Will Get Stimulus Check Even if you Owe Taxes

first_img(Washington, DC) — The Treasury secretary says financial relief for the coronavirus fallout is arriving this month. During a White House briefing, Steven Mnuchin announced the economic impact payments would be hitting direct deposit accounts within two weeks. He also reminded Social Security recipients they don’t need to file tax returns to get their share. The payments were part of the economic stimulus package signed by President Trump last month. The money should help Americans pay rent and put food on the table.A paper envelope written with the words “Rent Money $ ” is left tucked in a lighting pole in the Boyle Heights east district of the city of Los Angeles on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. It’s the first of the month, and rent is due for millions of Americans for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak turned the economy upside down. Most states and local governments have stopped evictions to give time for unemployment benefits and federal stimulus checks to arrive. But there is still plenty of worry that even if April’s payment is delayed, the rent will still come due before many industries are up and running again. Nearly 3.3 million people in the U.S. filed unemployment claims for the week of March 16, as the shutdown from the virus started. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)Tax expert, Lawrence Levy of Levy and Associates, explained to Jen and Bill on the South Florida Morning Show that even if you owe taxes, you will still get a stimulus check. But, if you owe child support back payments, you will not.Listen to the full interview with Lawrence Levy hear. He explains all you tax needs.https://www.850wftl.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Levy-Interview-4-3-20-1.mp3last_img read more

Evergreen Joins Prestigious Civic Engagement Organization, Project Pericles

first_imgFacebook73Tweet0Pin0Submitted by The Evergreen State College The Evergreen State College recently joined the national consortium Project Pericles as a member institution. Founded in 2001 by educational philanthropist Eugene M. Lang, Project Pericles is dedicated to incorporating social responsibility and participatory citizenship as essential elements of college and university education.Project Pericles works with its member institutions as they individually and collaboratively develop model civic engagement programs in their classrooms, on the campuses, and in their communities.  Project Pericles encourages higher education to promote a more just, equitable, and compassionate society by facilitating student leadership at the undergraduate level.“At its core, Project Pericles is about collaboration and leveraging our collective expertise in order to build stronger and more coherent curricular programs incorporating civic engagement and social responsibility. We are adding campuses that can significantly contribute to and elevate our conversations.” said Jan Liss, Project Pericles Executive Director, “Our board decided to extend an invitation to Evergreen given their demonstrated commitment to civic engagement and their interest in working with Project Pericles and its member institutions. We are extremely pleased to have them join Project Pericles and we look forward to working with their (new) president, George Bridges, and the entire Evergreen community.”Evergreen’s Academic Grant Manager and Pericles Coordinator, John McLain has long worked with students on civic engagement as part of the Evergreen Student Civic Engagement Institute among other projects. He wants students to explore and cultivate “humility, empathy, persistence, hope, patience, self-reflection, and a commitment to embracing complexity,” or, as he puts it, “the virtues of civility and democratic engagement,” and he believes Project Pericles will provide an even greater support structure toward that end.Evergreen sends hundreds of volunteers and interns into surrounding communities through a robust internship and independent study programs and also its Center for Community Based Learning and Action, through which students have consistently volunteered over 5,500 hours a year.Evergreen joins a roster of 29   Periclean colleges and universities nationwide, which includes Hampshire, Pitzer, Occidental,  Skidmore, and Swarthmore Colleges.last_img read more

Mallard’s Source for Sports Team of the Week — Trafalgar Totems

first_imgRemember when the weather was warm and sunny? For those readers Mallard’s Source for Sports would like to take a trip down memory lane to the green grass fields to spotlight the Trafalgar Totems Fieldhockey squad as Team of the Week. The Totems, coached by none other than Jesse Anast, finished the junior season with great results. The team includes, back row, L-R, coach Jesse Anast, Emma Gregorich, Ali Zondervan, Kyra Burkart, Noelle Wang, Jacqueline Van Horne, Naiomi Perkins, Alyssa Hill and Caitlyn Maida. Front, Marley Reynolds, Taylor Zimmer, McKenna Bennet, Emma Wheeldon, Ashley Zarikoff, Anna Milde, Julia Burkart, Hanna Quinn and Olivia ReRevillia. The goalie is, Noa Butterfield.last_img read more