Students set a challenge for Oxford’s leaders

first_imgA newly-formed group of Oxford students are calling upon the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and the five Pro-Vice-Chancellors to all cut their carbon emissions by 10% in 2010 in their personal capacity.The group is part of 10:10 campaign, which is pushing the climate change agenda by asking for an ambitious but achievable 10% reduction in carbon emissions in 2010. Rather than focusing on distant long-term targets, 10:10 calls on individuals, institutions and businesses to take action now.Dan Vockins, 10:10’s Campaign Manager,spoke at the 10:10 Oxhub event last Wednesday. He said he hoped that Oxford would follow the example set by other Universities who have already signed up. He said, “It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of a huge problem like climate change, but by uniting everyone behind immediate, effective and achievable action, 10:10 enables all of us to make a meaningful difference.”Will McCallum, a student at Wadham commented, “While we will be putting this through the University’s standard governance system, it would take almost a year for it to work its way though. That is why we’re calling on the University’s representatives to take personal action to build the momentum to make the changes that are needed today.”Jake Leeper, President of the Oxford Hub said, “With the Cabinet, Shadow-Cabinet, 150 other MPs as well as Oxford City Council all signed up, I think that it’s important that the leaders of our university also commit to act now. Oxford students have a great record of achieving change and pushing the University forward on important issues. 10:10 is a mainstream campaign, and with groups like Microsoft, B&Q and Pret a Manger, as well as the NUS pledging their support, the University’s key members shouldn’t be slow to act.”last_img read more